"I never focus solely on the outcome of a thing. There's always an origin story, always different narratives in play. I find my happy place is perched on the intersection of race, faith, matriarchy and community engagement "

Angela is  and Racial Equity Practitioner, writer and Founder of Matriiarch. She is dedicated to dismantling the systemic problems of racism by addressing the narratives that created them.  She grew up in a globally and racially diverse context by virtue of her childhood military living experiences. She uses these experiences to lend a nuanced approach to addressing numerous forms of racial and cultural disparities.

   She has held roles as a Public Speaker, Youth Pastor, Outreach and Community Director and acquired her  undergrad education in Public Policy from Florida International University. She is currently a graduate student studying fora PhD in Global Socio-CuItural Studies with a subplan in African and African DiasporaStudies. She also holds a Certificate of Fostering Organizational Diversity and Inclusion and from Yale as Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from  USF.