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 I am committed to advancing anti-racism in order to help us become better citizens of the globe. I am also a certified workplace Diversity, Racial Equity and Inclusion coach and trainer with an anti-racism focus. Contact me for speaking and coaching engagements. Take a look around!

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Founded and Created by Angela, MATRIIARCH is advancing anti-racism in Public Service. We are a Think Tank for Human Rights Practitioners, Community Organizers, and Public Service initiatives. Intentionally engaging women who are dedicated to trailblazing and building healthy, thriving equitable communities

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A Southern African American Heritage and Equity Archive Resource.


Annual Retreat coming 2022

Stay Tuned
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Coming Soon a compilation of anthologies and accounts of life during the historical Civil Rights movements from living Black Ancestors around the world.


Where did the stories we tell ourselves come from? How do we become better stewards of humanity? Conversations about the impact of destructive narratives on race through a Faith-Based lens. Looking for some Nuance in your Podcast world? This is it.

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