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Leading the Way With DEI

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Is your DEI team stuck on start? Here are a few tips to get you into first gear. This is valuable work! So you'll need a team of committed individuals who are ready for pushback, learning and becoming comfortable with incremental progress. 1. Involve your Co-Workers-Workplace DEI needs a group of internal stakeholders committed to intersecting Company Values and Community Needs through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Recruit from within, emails, Direct Message your teams and engage them in this work. 2. Secure a Commitment to DEI from your Executive Leadership. This is Mission Critical! Top Down Commitment speaks to alignment and accountability. Inquiring minds want to know if this commitment goes to the top. 3. Commit to a Distribution of Power- Folks that are marginalized, and racialized should be at the center of leadership. Those who are closer to the core of the Circle of Privilege should be prepared to serve as allies and bystanders. The idea of symmetry within equity work is a false narrative. Understand this at the start help build authenticity on your team. 4. Encourage Transparent Dialogue- One way to build trust within our DEI committee is to commit to providing a psychologically safe place for dialogue. This speaks directly to Equitable Inclusion. So clear the air for critical conversations. Contact me for more tips on How to Structure your Team, Build assessments and have Healthy Critical Conversations and Full Trainings!

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