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Best Practices for Structuring Your DEI Department

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I'll help you Identify 3 areas to expand the impact of the DEI department of medium to large non-profits. 1. Whether your committee is new or has been in place for a long time, defining roles between HR, Executives and a Committee can be complex. Some large companies have a DEI department separate from HR and Compliance, others have a team made up of staff from multiple departments. Whatever the makeup you should think about key roles. The most successful include positioning someone who is full-time dedicated to act as a liaison for DEI, another person who can commit to communications and another person dedicated to collaborating with HR. 2. Another Best Practice is to position connect your DEI efforts to CEO. This will assist in garnering the budget required to maintain a successful implementation and maintenance of DEI at your company. 3.Develop a Diversity Council- Some companies have external some internal. They usually serve in an advisory capacity, however they function, a council will assist in setting and measuring goals. Since budget is usually tied to these outcomes, having a Diversity Council is a best practice! Contact me for more information and for full access to this Program !

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